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Living Happily With Alopecia

I have had alopecia for 26 years, so every morning when looking the mirror I see an egg looking back at me, so every day its on with my lippy & my hair and I'm ready for whatever comes my way! Many ladies deal with this everyday also I have been surprised.

For years when I  went to buy a wig the salesperson knew what was best for me, but seldom was I happy with my wig so when I came home and looked closer I"d think  "this isn't me, really". I look at old photos & think yuk! what was I thinking!! I have tried real hair wigs, but apart from the cost  they need a visit to the hairdresser for "styling etc" and I would often think who's hair am I wearing ?  do people grow hair for money?  what sort of person sells their hair for others to wear? I do know now however a lot of people in Australia donate their hair for cancer wigs & that really is a wonderful, thing to do - thank you.

So I have decided to have this as my hobby ( really it is my passion) helping others to feel good - at a reasonable cost. Whether for medical reasons, fun or work most of us ladies love our hair  - it helps portray the person we are, so its important to be confident with our "look" and feel good about ourselves. Lets face it , that first impression really counts. 

No more bad hair days!

What a difference a wig makes!

So now many customers come to me rather anxious but after a cuppa & a chat we choose some wigs my ladies like, and they can try , touch , feel and choose what makes them happy. No pressure - maybe I may not have what you want thats ok. I can try source something for you or you can try elsewhere, thats ok!

Thank you for reading my story & I'd love to hear from you...just call:

Leslie on 0424 055 139 or email have a great day, & take care :)

Well I'm trying new styles again now..Now is June 2017 so the last 2 wigs that I'm wearing now styles 1884 the blonde silky style & 5648 the red bob  the colour I was 22years ago ( and why not! )

  Only problem the wrinkles show more, amazing what a difference a few years make!! Don't think those creams they rave about do work wonders!


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I deal with this everyday too